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Estancia Mendoza Deco Wood Estancia Mendoza Deco Wood Estancia Mendoza Deco Wood

Estancia Mendoza is an Uruguayan brand that offers high quality wool decoration products.

We are committed to preserving local culture and sustainability. We believe that it is important to respect traditions and artisanal techniques in order to offer unique and historically significant products. Additionally, we are highly involved in caring for the environment, so we use natural and renewable materials in our products, as well as traditional production methods. We respect animal welfare, promote the territorial roots of weavers, and support fair trade.

Estancia Mendoza is a brand that combines local tradition, a passion for natural fibers, and experience in sheep production and textiles to offer unique and exclusive products.

Ovejas de Estancia Mendoza Ovejas de Estancia Mendoza

The wool and the process

We develop two product lines made of wool: one line made of thick raw wool and another line made of combed Merino wool.

The line made of thick raw wool is composed of rugs, blankets, and pillows handcrafted from the sheep’s fleece. In this process, the wool is sheared, washed, carded, spun, and woven entirely by hand.

The raw wool comes from unprocessed thick wool, which preserves its texture, warmth, and thermal insulation. We work with undyed wool, taking advantage of the full range of natural colors found in sheep’s wool.

For these pieces, we use thick wool that has little commercial value. By converting a practically waste fiber through design and artisanal work, we create a product highly valued by our customers.

On the other hand, the line made of combed Merino wool is composed of shawls, pillows, bedspreads, and ponchos made from Tops wool. Combed wool undergoes an industrial process to eliminate shorter fibers, leaving only longer and finer fibers. This produces a softer and more refined wool, ideal for high-quality products like shawls and ponchos. Combed wool also allows for a greater variety of shades achieved by combining different proportions of natural and black fibers, enabling us to create original and distinctive products.

Procesando la lana en Estancia Mendoza
In summary, the line made of raw wool is ideal for those looking for a rug, blanket, shawl, or pillow with a natural and rustic texture, while the line made of combed wool is ideal for those seeking a softer and more refined product. In both cases, our products are made with the best materials and artisanal processes, ensuring maximum quality and durability.

Our production process is based on a well-established Uruguayan local tradition, where artisanal techniques have been passed down from generation to generation. For the elaboration of our rugs, we use the same process used to make mattresses in the countryside, a technique that has been perfected over time and allows us to obtain a local, elegant, and sophisticated product.

Who we are

We are Majela and Daniela, sisters-in-law and partners at Estancia Mendoza Deco Wool.

Majela is a textile designer and has worked in the textile industry for many years, which has allowed her to develop knowledge for material selection, design, and production of high-quality textiles. On the other hand, Daniela is a veterinarian, which allows her to have a deep understanding of the wool production process and its potential for textile making, as well as to respect animal welfare throughout the process.

Taking advantage of our close link with life in the countryside and the customs and traditions of the rural area of our country, we have created a brand that reflects our passion for natural fibers and respect for local culture. Each of our products is made with great care and attention to detail, using the traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Thank you for choosing Estancia Mendoza Deco Wool. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them.

Majela y Daniela de Estancia Mendoza
Paisaje en la Estancia Mendoza


This story begins when we decided to take advantage of the surplus of thick wool from our family agricultural establishment, which had virtually no commercial value.

Prior to this, the thick wool was used to make mattresses, hand-spun yarn, and hand-woven textiles by Teresa, a local artisan who was a friend of the family. However, when the production capacity exceeded the need for mattresses, we looked for an alternative to continue using the wool and prevent it from becoming waste.

Since the resulting fabric is rustic, heavy, and has a warm and natural appearance, the idea of making rugs arose.

When our friends and acquaintances saw the rugs we were producing, they asked us to sell them, and that’s how we began to build our project. The symbol that represents us is the brand used to identify livestock in the countryside. In Estancia Mendoza, there is a forest with the shape of our brand. It is a plantation of Eucalyptus trees that is nearly 500 meters long by 235 meters wide, and the lines that make it up are 13 meters wide. Our grandfather planted almost 24,000 square meters of trees over 70 years ago.

Productos de Lana de Estancia Mendoza Productos de Lana de Estancia Mendoza
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